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Contract to Closing

You’re under contract — now what?

This infographic walks through what homebuyers can expect in the contract to closing process. Keep this guide handy and ask your Erin Yabroudy & Associates Realtor if you have any questions about the timeline.

Under Contract Infographic

Breakdown of the contract to closing process

Part one is the due diligence period, in which you will have the home inspected and your Erin Yabroudy & Associates Realtor will negotiate items to be addressed from that inspection.

Part two is the appraisal contingency period, in which the bank will determine a value on the home and the financial contingency, in which your lender goes to work to get the loan approved by your closing date.

You and your phone will be busy during this period. Time is of the essence, and regular communication between you, your lender, your Realtor, and the closing attorney is vital. Your Erin Yabroudy & Associates Realtor will help you coordinate and complete all aspects of this process.

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