Erin Yabroudy & Associates

Under Contract

Being under contract means you have received and accepted an offer of purchase on the property you’re selling.

The first step in the contract process is the due diligence period. This usually occurs 7-14 days after you are under contract. During this time, the buyer inspects the property and a list of any needed repairs is negotiated. Just as in contract negotiations, your Erin Yabroudy & Associates Agent will work on your behalf and advise you based on their extensive experience.

At the conclusion of due diligence, your agent will help you complete any negotiated items in the contract, get ready for closing, and prepare you for your own move!

The timeline for accepting a contract and closing is typically 30 days. We are experts in this process — from negotiation, setting up contractors, and completing contract stipulations, to keeping you and your “deal” on schedule for a smooth and easy road to the closing table!

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